This Sunday – Purifying Motives

Sunday 24 March – 9:30am

Doing good things is relatively easy. But what about when you’ve done your good deed for the day only to be assaulted by the nagging feeling that maybe, just maybe, your motive for doing it was a selfish one? Changing our motives is hard because unlike actions, motives cannot be changed directly. We cannot just choose to be motivated by good will at the drop of a hat. Luckily, the Lord lays out a process that we can go through, and if we follow it, over time, our motives will become more and more pure.

Love Over Ego – New Sermon Series and Small Group Program

Starts 10 Feb; Runs for 5 weeks

You’re invited to join us for Love Over Ego, starting on 10 February 2019.

There’s a workbook you can buy. There will be weekly sermons on the topic. We’ve got a system for getting you connected with other people as you go through the program. Read more…