This Sunday: Other People’s Spiritual Lives

Sunday, 23 April – 9:30am

One of the ways we evaluate how we are doing spiritually is by comparing ourselves to how other people seem to be doing. This can be a positive thing: being in community with other people who are striving to uphold the same values as us can inspire and encourage us to do better. And it can be a negative thing: comparing ourselves with other people can lead us to be envious or judgmental or it can even lead us to the absurd situation of trying to prove that we’re more spiritual than other people. Let’s talk about how the Lord can help us to deal with these challenging dynamics. – Malcolm, Head Pastor

New Church Essentials | Thursdays in May

Thursday Evenings in May, 7 to 8:30pm

Want to deepen your relationship with God? Want to find more purpose in your life? Or just want to learn a bit more about the faith at New Church Westville and Kainon School? New Church Essentials is a five-week course exploring the basic elements of the New Church faith.