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Bible Study is starting up again! We’re going to be exploring the Acts and the Epistles for a while.

I’m going to be slowing down the schedule of how often we have new content. We’ll now have new content every 4 weeks (rather than every 2 weeks). There will be online meetings and we’re also going to experiment with meeting in-person again. For the in-person meetings we’ll sit, socially distanced, in the back of the church. There will be no coffee or food provided but you could bring your own coffee flask or water bottle. The online meetings will be just online and the in-person meetings will be just in-person.

Here are the upcoming dates:

  • Fri, 7 May – 6:45am – Men’s Bible Study (In-Person Only)
  • Fri, 7 May – 10:30am – Women’s Bible Study (In-Person Only)
  • Thu, 20 May – 6:45am – Men & Women’s Bible Study (Online Only)
  • Thu, 20 May – 3pm – Men & Women’s Bible Study (Online Only)

The online meetings will all use same link and Meeting ID – https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84548504802 Meeting ID: 845 4850 4802.

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