Christmas Tableaux

Thursday, 24 December - 6:00pm

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Attend in Person

At 6pm on Christmas Eve (24 December) we will be having a Christmas Tableaux service. We will just be watching a tableaux video but we’ll be doing it together. You can come in person (following all the rules for attending church in person) or you can watch together with other people on Zoom.

To attend on Zoom, click the link or use the Meeting ID and passcode below:

We will start the meeting from about 5:30 so you can connect early to make sure it’s all working and listen to some music before the service starts at 6.

Watch on YouTube or Download to Watch Offline on Your Own Schedule

You can find the tableaux video on YouTube by clicking the video below or by searching for New Church Westville tableaux on YouTube.

Or, if you want to be able to download the video to a device so that you can watch it somewhere where you don’t have great connectivity, here are three options, with their file sizes:

Are the bigger files that much better than the small one? I don’t really know.


On behalf of everyone who watches this video I want to express our heartfelt thanks to all the people who gave of their time, energy, and creativity to make this beautiful tableaux happen in this strange year.

I want to thank all the cast and the narrators (Toeffie Woker, John Sharpe, and Karin Baynes). I want to thank Faith Draper and Becca Standage for their music. I particularly want to thank Jann Draper and Debbie Burke for their passion to make this all happen and for the countless hours they spent directing, co-ordinating, and producing the tableaux.

And lastly I want to offer our sincere thanks to the person who pulled all of it together for us: Benito Bidoli. He recorded the video, he took photos, and he spent many, many hours putting all the pieces together to make the finished product that you’ve just experienced. Thank you, Benito.
– Malcolm, Head Pastor

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