The purpose of New Church Westville is to be a community of people who worship the Lord Jesus Christ and do what He teaches. We are part of a worldwide denomination called the New Church.

Every week we get together to worship and learn from the teachings of the Lord. (Read more about our beliefs.) This practise renews us in our commitment to reject what is harmful to ourselves and to others and to pursue the potential the Lord sees in us.

As a community we are passionate about marriage and family. Here are some of things we do:

  • • We host events that enrich marriage and family relationships
  • • We teach relationship principles and skills through class series and sermons
  • • We run a school that has a family atmosphere and instils values such as empathy and respect
  • • We wrestle regularly with relationship issues and ideals in our youth programme.

You’re invited to join us for worship any Sunday. Here’s what to expect and how to find us.

Contact us or drop by for more information about any of these programmes or to get involved in supporting marriage and family in Westville.