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36 Perth Road
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Kwa Zulu Natal

Phone: 031 262 2342

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Malcolm Smith

Malcolm Smith,
Head Pastor malcolm@newchurch.co.za

Joel Glenn

Joel Glenn,
Assistant Pastor joel@newchurch.co.za

Carey Foord

Carey Foord,
Administrative Assistant info@newchurch.co.za

Jeanne Burne

Jeanne Burne,
Godly Play Coordinator children@newchurch.co.za


It’s bad enough to not be in a great place, either outwardly or spiritually. But it’s much worse to not just be in a bad place, but to actually be going backwards, undoing any progress that has been made. When things are going the wrong direction it can lead to hopelessness about the future. It would be nice if the Lord said going backwards was fine, but He doesn’t: in fact, He makes it clear that it is dangerous and damaging thing to experience. Rather than accepting backsliding as just another part of life, the Lord can give us hope that our prior progress has not been lost and that a better future is possible.

Sun, Jan 17, 2021
Source: New Church Westville Podcast