Resources to Prepare for Easter

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Preparing for Easter

This page has resources to help you prepare for Easter. The main things are a worksheet and a sermon and then there are few other resources at the bottom of the page.

The goal is to figure out something to do from now all the way until Easter Sunday (the 4th of April) that will help Easter feel more meaningful. BUT, if you missed the beginning, then start from today. There’s nothing magical about a particular date; the best day to make a change is today.


Here’s a one page worksheet to help you figure out something to do to work on your relationship with the Lord in the time leading up to Easter. We put it together last year for our observation of Lent: Ways to Observe Lent (PDF). Read through it, pray about it, and pick just one or a few things to try.

Lent Worksheet


Malcolm preached about Lent last year and he talked about the history of Lent, the scriptural basis for it, how to observe it, some cautions about how it can go wrong, and some encouragement about the benefit that it could have in your life. You can watch the video of it (see below), listen to the audio recording of it, or read the text version.

Here are a few times to help you find which part of the video you want to watch:

  • The service starts at 3:10.
  • The children’s talk starts at about 14:40.
  • The adult sermon starts at about 22:40.

Other Resources

These are some other resources that could help you with finding something to repent from or some spiritual practice to add into your life. We particularly recommend the repentance worksheets. They take work but they’re really helpful.

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