Love Over Ego – New Sermon Series and Small Group Program

Starts 10 Feb; Runs for 5 weeks

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You’re invited to join us for Love Over Ego, starting on 10 February 2019.

This program follows the biblical story of Daniel from his early days as a child captive in Babylon, to becoming one of the most respected leaders of the nation. In each chapter, we witness the clash between the ego of the Babylonian rulers and the humble confidence of Daniel and his friends. As Daniel and his friends bravely face the powerful Babylonian rulers, we glimpse ways that vanity, manipulation and desire to control do not actually win out over genuine love that’s grounded in trust in the Lord. In times when we find ourselves getting lost again in a self-focused mindset, Love Over Ego challenges us to remember what matters most. 

Read more about the content of the program here: Love Over Ego homepage.

Program Elements

To help you get the most out of the program we will be offering the following:LOE-FrontCoverImage copy

1. Weekly Worship

Each week, the Sunday worship service will focus on one topic from the program. Here’s what to expect when you attend one of our services. If you miss one of the services (or live too far away) you can listen to them on our podcast on a Monday or watch the livestream of the service on our Facebook page. (Just bear in mind that we’re still getting stuff in place to do livestreaming well and for now it’s just someone holding a phone.)

2. Love Over Ego Workbook

Daily Bible study is a wonderful and enriching way to ground your spiritual growth work. There is a workbook to go with the program that provides daily readings and questions to reflect on.

You can get a workbook after church on a Sunday or from the church office during the week for R100 or you can buy the Love Over Ego e-book online for $9.99 (approx. R140), or you can subscribe to receive Love Over Ego content in daily emails.

3. Small Groups or Weekly Check-ins with a Friend

If you join a small groups you’ll have the chance to talk with others in a friendly environment about each week’s topic, share your experience, and support each other in acting in a loving way instead of from your ego.

Or, if you can’t join a group for whatever reason, we have another way to support you. Find a friend to do the program with. Schedule a time to check in with them once a week. This could be in person (while drinking delicious coffee), over the phone at a scheduled time, via video chat, via voice votes on WhatsApp, etc. It doesn’t matter how you do it; the point is to be having a weekly conversation with some other human being about your spiritual life and/or the content of the program.

Having this kind of check-in will help you connect with another person about real things, will help you to remember to work on your spiritual life, and will probably mean that you’re more likely to actually do the reading each week.

First prize is for you to pick someone else and contact them about this plan. They can be someone who lives next door to you or someone who lives on the opposite side of the planet. They can be someone who’s part of our local congregation or just someone you know who you’d like to do this program with. Or, if you can’t find someone, we can help to connect you with another person who is looking for someone to do the journey program with.


The cost for the workbook is R100. There is also an optional donation towards the people who produced the book.

Sign Up

Want to sign up, buy a book, join a small group, or find a person to check-in with during the program? Contact Carey ( or 031 262 2342).

Want more information?

If you’d like to read more about the program, go to the Love Over Ego homepage.

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