Finding Jesus in the Life of Elisha, Part 3: Under Siege

Sunday, 29 March - 9:30am

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We’re in the midst of a sermon series on the life of Elisha and the story we were scheduled to talk about this Sunday, in the midst of a national lockdown, is the story of the Children of Israel being besieged by an enemy in the city of Samaria. As we experience our version of being besieged in our houses by an enemy, we will talk about what help the Lord can offer us in times when we feel trapped.

During the lockdown we will be streaming the worship services from the pastor’s home instead of from the church, to abide by the mandate to stay home. Find more details about how to watch the service here: Worship and Connect Online. We will also send out a WhatsApp with a direct link to the service on Sunday. Let us know if you’d like to receive that WhatsApp.

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