Mens Bible Study Slider


Men’s Bible Study is a monthly opportunity for men to get together over breakfast, read the Bible, and talk about how to apply truths in daily life. It is led by our Head Pastor, Malcolm.

Men’s Bible Study is for all men—whether you’ve been part of the New Church for your whole life or never come before in your life.

We generally meet twice a month fromĀ 6:45 AM to 8:00 AM on a Friday morning in our Coffee Lounge, often (but not always) the second and third Fridays of the month. The content is the same for these two meetings; the two times are to accommodate people’s different schedules. For upcoming meeting dates, see our calendar.

Our Current Focus: The Story of David

This year we’re going to focus on one story–the story of David. It’s a rich and fascinating story with big victories and big failures. And it provides plenty of opportunities to explore men’s issues—courage, loyalty to God, friendship with other men, sticking up for principles in hard circumstances, lust, anger, tragedy, parenting, repentance.

Each month there will be readings to do. Email Carey ( to get added to the email list and WhatsApp group to receive that information.

Ordering Breakfast

If you’re coming, you email Carey ( to say which day you’re coming on and what you would like to order for breakfast.

  • Muesli, fruit and yogurt – R22
  • Lounge Breakfast – scrambled egg, bacon, tomato, sausage – R34
  • Cappuccino – R18
  • Tea/Coffee – R15

You do not have to order anything to come to Men’s Bible Study. If you want to come for the Bible Study but don’t want to order anything, that’s just fine.

Why should I come?

To be good men, husbands, and fathers we need to be learning from our Heavenly Father. We need the guidance of His Word in our lives and we need the support and perspective of other men who are doing the same thing. Come to Men’s Bible Study for yourself, for your family, and for your fellow men.