This Sunday: Carol Sing

Bring a picnic and your family and get in the Christmas spirit by singing Christmas songs with the New Church Westville band. There will be a short, family-friendly worship service in the church and then we’ll move into the hall to sing and eat.

This Sunday: Betrothal

We’re told that Mary and Joseph were “betrothed.” What does that mean? On Sunday we get to witness two people getting betrothed in the church service. Come learn about this rare but important and beautiful ritual for inviting the Lord into a couple’s relationship before they actually get married.

This Sunday: Holding On

Some of the most important decisions we make in life are about what we choose to let go of and what we hold onto with all of our might. Last week we spoke about letting go of things that we need to release. This week, we’ll talk about the things from God that we can…

Living Gratefully | Bible Study Program

Running from 7 Feb to 22 Mar

Inspired by Emanuel Swedenborg’s book Divine Providence, Living Gratefully is a seven (7) week Bible study program that explores the concept of providence through a lens of gratitude for God’s constant, loving presence in our lives.

Click here to learn more about the program, watch a video, or find out how to sign up.

This Sunday: Letting Go

Some of the most important decisions we make in life are about what we choose to let go of and what we hold onto with all of our might. Holding on can be a good thing or a bad thing, likewise letting go. This Sunday we’re going to explore what the Word teaches about what to let…

This Sunday: What does money mean to the Lord and about the Lord?

Over the last two weeks we’ve talked about what money can mean to and about us as individuals, and what money can mean to and about other people. This week we conclude this series by talking about what money means to and about the Lord. Does the Lord give people money as a sign of…

This Sunday: Longing for the Truth

When we’re desperate for an answer from the Lord–when we’re desperate to make sense of something or to find a way forward–sometimes then the Lord seems most absent. It feels like we’re desperately thirsty in a wilderness with no water anywhere in sight. This Sunday is a lay service and the sermon being read is by the…

This Sunday: Waiting for the Harvest

Have you discovered some motivations in yourself that are not so good–in fact that are ugly and hellish? What should you do about that? This Sunday I’ll be reading a sermon by the Rev. Brian Smith about the parable of wheat and the tares and what we can learn from it about how and when…

This Sunday: Washing in the River

When the great commander Naaman came to Israel to be cured of his leprosy by the prophet Elisha, he expected a big visible miracle. Instead, Elisha told him to simply wash in the Jordan River seven times and he would be clean. We can want spiritual healing to be big and instantaneous; but the reality…