This Sunday: The Women at the Tomb

Sunday, 12 April - 9:30am

This Easter Sunday we are going to be focussing on the women at the tomb. Mary Magdalene, Mary (who had given birth to Jesus), and some other women were the first people at the tomb on Easter morning. And Mary Magdalen was the first person to see the Lord in His resurrection. Why was this and what can we learn from this about what in us will be most able to see and believe in the risen Lord?

The service will be broadcast live at You can also watch the service later at that same link. Find more information about the service here: Worship and Connect Online.

This Sunday: Rejoicing in Hope

Sunday 5 April - 9:30am

When Jesus entered Jerusalem on Palm Sunday the crowds greeted Him with joy. Yet at that point, nothing had changed: after merely looking around, Jesus left the city again to spend the night on the Mount of Olives. The joy and hope of the crowds was only realized after the events of Jesus’ capture, trial, torture, death, and resurrection. Even so, the joy of Palm Sunday is an important part of the Easter Story. Many of us, I am sure, are feeling that we have little to rejoice in at the moment: we have a long struggle ahead of us. But even if we cannot rejoice in the conclusion of this process yet, perhaps we can rejoice in the hope that the Lord will lead us to victory.

Good Friday Holy Supper Online

Friday, 10 April - 9:30am

We will be offering Holy Supper remotely on Good Friday this year because we can’t gather in person at the moment. The service happened live at 9:30am on Friday, 10 April. You can still participate in the service by watching a video. The video is 21 minutes long and available in 3 sizes – large…

Finding Jesus in the Life of Elisha, Part 3: Under Siege

Sunday, 29 March - 9:30am

We’re in the midst of a sermon series on the life of Elisha and the story we were scheduled to talk about this Sunday, in the midst of a national lockdown, is the story of the Children of Israel being besieged by an enemy in the city of Samaria. As we experience our version of being besieged in our houses by an enemy, we will talk about what help the Lord can offer us in times when we feel trapped.

During the lockdown we will be streaming the worship services from the pastor’s home instead of from the church, to abide by the mandate to stay home. Find more details about how to watch the service here: Worship and Connect Online. We will also send out a WhatsApp with a direct link to the service on Sunday. Let us know if you’d like to receive that WhatsApp.

This Sunday: Finding Jesus in the Life of Elisha, Part 2: Persistently Seeking the Lord

Sunday, 22 March - 9:30am

This Sunday we will have our church service only online. See this page for more information: Worship and Connect Online.
In the challenges that we face, and that many of us are facing right now, it is important that we continually go back to the Lord. Spiritual life does not just happen: it takes intentional and persistent work, work that goes on even when life is at its hardest. Remember that this service will be streamed live online at 9:30am this Sunday. There will be a children’s talk before the adult sermon. We encourage you to not just watch the video, but to actually experience worship: open your own copy of the Word, light candles, kneel for the prayers, sing some worship songs before or after the service, and so on.

This Sunday: Render Unto Caesar

Sunday 8 March - 9:30am

The teachings of the New Church point out how important it is to distinguish between things that are spiritual and things that are natural. This might sound like a bit of abstract philosophy, but you’ve probably run afoul of doing it wrong: have you ever felt like a bad person for cheating on a diet or wearing the wrong thing to a wedding? That guilt comes, in part, from lending spiritual weight (being a bad person) to a natural rule (diet or dress code). If we can do better at distinguishing spiritual from natural, it will lift an unnecessary weight from our lives.

This Sunday: Dust we are, and to dust we shall return

Sunday 1 March - 5pm

We are all going to die someday. That’s not exactly a pleasant thought but it can be useful. It can be useful to spend some time reflecting on our mortality—the reality that our lives in this world will not last forever and in fact they could end at any moment. And so, on Sunday evening, we’re going to take some time to think about this and the value of knowing that we are dust and to the dust we shall return.

This Sunday: Lose Something Good to Gain Something Better

Sunday 23 February - 9:30am

When we think of removing things from our life, our mind probably goes to the harmful, destructive, negative things. After all, why would you get rid of something that is helpful, good, and positive? If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. But at times, our attachment to something good holds us back from moving on to something better. This Sunday we will look at how to recognize those times when we need to move on, even if it means the end of something good.