This Sunday – Unintended Consequences

Sunday 10 November - 9:30am

Intentions matter more than actions. In other words, someone who is good hearted but makes mistakes is better off than someone who is malicious even while doing the right thing. Yet even the most well-intentioned person can cause harm. Their good intentions do not negate the damage they can cause in ignorance. Rather than justifying ourselves or others by saying, “they meant well,” we must find ways of addressing the harm and correcting it, even as we support and acknowledge the good intentions lying behind it.

This Sunday: Praise the Lord

Sunday 27 November - 9:30am

Again and again, the Bible stresses the importance of praising the Lord, but why? We praise other people to let them know we love and appreciate them, but the Lord knows every part of us. He knows how we feel before we could think to say it. What then, is the purpose of praising Him? Who is it for? This Sunday, join us as we examine the use of praising the Lord, and what that praise can look like.

This Sunday: “Unless the Lord Builds the House….”

Sunday 20 October - 9:30am

It’s very easy to buy into the idea that if we just work hard enough we can make sure that things work out the way we want them to. But then sometimes the things that we put hours and hours of effort and energy into building still fall to pieces. And then it feels like it’s not worth working on anything. But the Lord can help us to find a healthier motivation to keep on working hard, while also leaving the outcomes to Him.

This Sunday: Unity in Worship

Sunday 13 October - 9:30am

This Sunday we will talk about having unity in worship.  The General Church has congregations all around the world, with people of various cultures and backgrounds.  How do we remain unified in a way that makes us all feel part of the same Church, and how can we come together in worship and be lifted up by the Lord?  In contrast, what are the things that cause us to feel at odds with each other, and feel that we are not all part of the same Church?  As always, the Lord has the answers for us!

This Sunday – Embracing Weakness

Sunday 6 October - 5pm

If someone called you weak, you would take it as an insult. But what about when the Lord calls you weak? Because He most certainly does: compared to Him, we are utterly powerless. And yet far from being insulted, if we embrace our own weakness, we can let down the burdens of perfection and self-reliance, and receive from the Lord a greater power than we could ever muster on our own. We may be utterly helpless, but the greatest force in the universe is on our side.

This Sunday: Life is Hard, Part 2: What Do We Do?

Sunday 29 September - 9:30am

A few weeks ago we talked about how to cope with how hard life in this world is. This Sunday we’re going to focus on the question of what to do about it. What actions should we take in response to hard and terrible things that happen? It’s easy to feel quite powerless in the face of tragedies or huge problems. Can we make a difference? What do we do if our best efforts seem to accomplish nothing? Life is hard; what do we do?

Presentation: How to Talk to Your Children About Sex

Friday, 11 October - 8-9:30am

It can be hard to figure out how to talk to our children about sex and so we tend to avoid it. But it’s really important that we can talk to our children about something as important as sex and that they can talk to us. Read more…

[We’re offering this presentation again in a morning time slot, by popular demand.]

This Sunday: When Moses is Gone Too Long

Sunday 22 September - 9:30am

Imagine that you are in this beautiful world, but there is a canvas sheet a few feet above your head.  You can go on living, but a lot is lost.  This describes a condition with good people who are trying to go to heaven. But there is a danger.  The story of the golden calf the people made when Moses was up on the mountain for too long tells of a danger of earthly life and how we combat it.

This Sunday: Innocence is Bliss

Sunday 15 September - 9:30am

There is a certain magic in holding a little baby. Their innocence brings a sense of contented peace. But what does it mean to be innocent really? It doesn’t mean being naive. It doesn’t mean being ignorant. But it doesn’t mean being perfect either. Can we keep our innocence as we grow? Should we? This Sunday we’ll explore what Jesus Christ tells us about innocence and what we need to do to live a life led by the Lord.

Life is Hard: Part 1, How Do We Cope?

Sunday 8 September - 9:30pm

There are a lot of hard aspects of life in this natural world—in our personal lives and also in the world around us. What do we do with it all? How do we cope? Is it better to try to ignore the hard stuff? If we don’t ignore the hard stuff, how do we keep from being flattened by it? This Sunday we’re going to try to learn from He who has “borne our griefs and carried our sorrows,” about how we can cope with life in this hard world.