This Sunday – Carol Sing – Our Childhood’s Pattern

Sunday 2 December - 5:00pm

Christmas and childhood go hand in hand. Much of the fondness that adults feel for Christmas goes back to the excitement felt when little. The connection goes deeper than that though. The Lord specifically chose to be born as an infant because there is something in infancy that is necessary for adult life: innocence. Without the innocence of childhood, none of us would be able to truly love and follow the Lord in innocence as adults. Just as Jesus drew on His own innocence as He grew into adulthood, we also draw on His innocence as we grow spiritually. As an old Christmas carol puts it: “For He is our childhood’s pattern; Day by day, like us, He grew.

This Sunday – The Two Gates

Sunday 25 November - 9:30am

We have the privilege of witnessing and taking part in the two sacraments: Baptism and Holy Supper. In some ways these two rituals seem worlds apart. In one, water is poured over a child’s head as he is dedicated to the Lord. In the other we eat bread and drink wine, symbolic of taking in the Lord’s love and wisdom. Yet these two rituals contain the whole span of spiritual life. Baptism represents the very first introduction to the Lord, the first glimmers of spiritual life. Holy Supper represents the fulfilment of that life, as we take in the Lord Himself to dwell within us. They are like two gates, and when we have gone through both, we are in heaven.

This Sunday: Reaching Out

Sunday 18 November - 9:30am

Life can be hard. Life can be lonely. Life can be overwhelming. A lot of things in life are beyond our ability to control but one of the things we can do is reach out. It can make a huge difference to us and to other people if we can have the courage to reach out — to reach out to offer help and to reach out to ask for help. Let’s talk about what gets in the way of reaching out and how we can learn to still reach out anyway.

This Sunday: Heaven is Not Transferable

Sunday 11 November - 9:30am

Wouldn’t it be nice if someone else could do all the work of getting into heaven for us? In traditional Christianity this idea takes the form of “substitutionary atonement,” the idea that because Christ suffered for our sin, we don’t have to. This idea is rejected in the New Church, but it is still appealing to believe we don’t have to do spiritual work because the Lord is doing it for us. While we could do nothing without the Lord, we actually need to take full responsibility for our spiritual lives. After all, no one else can do it for us.

This Sunday – Heaven is Not for Everyone

Sunday 4 November - 5pm

We’re doing a series called “Appealing Heresies” which is about ideas that sound good and sound true but actually are quite problematic when you think them through. This Sunday evening we’re talking about the appealing idea that everyone can go to heaven, no matter what they believe. Many people believe this. Many people think this is what the New Church teaches. It’s not. What’s wrong with this idea? Come on Sunday evening as we unpack the implications of this appealing heresy and try to understand what the Lord actually teaches on this topic.

This Sunday: Heaven is not for Sale

Sunday 28 October - 9:30am

You can’t buy your way into heaven, no matter how much wealth you amass. That won’t come as a surprise to most of you. Yet somehow, subconsciously, we end up trying. Every time we feel entitled to reward because of our good deeds, we have diminished good deeds to a mere currency with which we can buy a slice of heaven. Every time we feel slighted for the ill fortune that befalls us in spite of our goodness, we have reduced God’s living Providence into a mere balance sheet of good countered by evil. It is only when we realize that goodness is its own reward that we can be free from the allure of heaven as a reward. Heaven is not a reward; heaven is the natural result of a life of goodness.

Emotion Coaching – Come Watch the Full Program

Fri (26 Oct) or Sat (27 Oct) - 8am - 12pm

Join us to watch Emotion Coaching: The Heart of Parenting from the Gottmann Institute.

This program presents a 5-step method that builds emotional intelligence and creates positive, long lasting effects for children. Easy to learn, and used by parents, educators and care-givers, it supports kids through life’s ups and downs in a way that builds confidence and helps them grow socially, emotionally and intellectually.

Get a taste of the program by watching this video:

Learn more about when we’re watching the full program…

This Sunday: Repenting from Coveting

Sunday, 21 October - 9:30am

What does it mean to covet? Do you know how to recognise when you’re coveting? More importantly, do you know how to repent from coveting? The teachings of the New Church say that the two commandments about coveting cover some pretty important things for us to work on. We can learn to notice when we’re coveting and, with the Lord’s help, we can repent from coveting. Come find out how.

Looking for the repentance worksheets? Find them here: Repentance Worksheets and Resources.

This Sunday – Repenting from False Witness

Sunday 14 October - 9:30am

The Ten Commandments forbid saying things that are not true; or do they? The 8th commandment is often summarized as “you shall not lie,” but it actually reads, “you shall not bear false witness against your neighbour.” This wording is significant. It implies something broader then just telling facts or lies. Even the “truth” can be used to bear false witness against someone. We are called to heed our thoughts and our words, making sure that they are not only factually correct, but that they bear witness to the true goodness of character of the people around us.

Come to Bible Study

Join us for our monthly Men’s Bible Study or Women’s Bible Study. They are both led by our Head Pastor, Malcolm and both happen in our Coffee Lounge, with delicious coffee and breakfast available for those that would like to buy it.

You are warmly invited whether you’ve read your Bible your whole life or have never dared to pick it up.

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