This Sunday: Darkness and Light

Sunday 17 December - 9:30am

This Sunday we’ll be talking more about the Christmas story according to the Gospel of John, with a focus on the theme of darkness and light.

This Sunday: Witness to the Light

Sunday 10 December - 930am

Before Jesus could begin His ministry He needed John to prepare the way first. The world at the time was in such a bad state that people could not have taken in Jesus’ teachings if John had not first prepared them and filled them with hope for Jesus’ coming. John did this by bearing witness to Jesus’ Light, so that when that light did come people could recognize it and embrace it.

This Sunday: Carol Sing: To God be the Glory

Sunday 3 December - 5pm

Singing is one of the most powerful ways to express joy, and this is no more true than at Christmas. The teachings of the New Church tell us that going back thousands of years, the people in ancient times delighted in singing songs about the Lord’s future coming and the salvation He would bring. Today we do the same as we not only look back to the Lord’s birth but also forward to His birth into our own lives. After a short talk on the joy of singing to the Lord we will join together to celebrate the joy of the Lord’s Coming and the Christmas season in general.

This Sunday: How Wealthy is Too Wealthy?

Sunday 26 November - 9:30am

As Christians is it our duty to shun wealth? Jesus says that it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of God. So should the wealthy among us be ashamed of their wealth? Should the poorer of us take pride in their poorness? Not exactly. The problem with money is the use to which we apply it. Money is heavenly when we see it as an opportunity to serve others and hellish when we see it as a way to love ourselves. All of us, rich and poor, need to take stock of the gifts we have been given in abundance and ask how we can use that abundance to make the world a better place.

This Sunday: Facing Floods, Part 4: Rebuild

Sunday 19 November - 9:30am

What do you do after a crisis? How do you go back to normal? This Sunday we’re going to talk about what happens after Noah and his family can finally leave the ark after the flood and what we can learn from the story about how to rebuild our lives once a crisis has passed.

This Sunday: Facing Floods, Part 3: Ride it Out

Sunday 12 November - 9:30am

Two weeks ago we talked about seeing the floods, or challenges, coming and understanding that there is a better life on the other side. Last week we talked about preparing for the floods, or challenges, by making sure that we are walking hand in hand with God and following Him wherever He leads us. This week we are going to talk about being in the middle of the flood itself, coping with the challenges as we experience them. In the midst of struggle we suffer from doubt but the Lord’s promise is that He has prepared you and that He will bring you through alive, to find a new beginning. There is no challenge that you cannot overcome.

This Sunday: Facing Floods, Part 2: Get Ready

Sunday 5 November - 5:00pm

Noah has been told by God that a flood is coming that will destroy everything and everyone, except for those people and animals that God saves on the ark that He tells Noah to build. There are times when we know something big is coming. The Lord can help us to get ready and help us to keep safe what is most important.

This Sunday: Facing Floods, Part 1: See It Coming

Sunday 29 October - 9:30am

Spiritual growth is a destructive process. Without the destruction of old habits, old ways of thinking, old wants and desires, there would be no room for the Lord to build us up as angels. Over the next four Sundays we will be exploring this topic of spiritual destruction and reconstruction using the story of Noah’s Flood. This story offers powerful insight into how we deal with the spiritual floods that come our way. In the course of this story we’ll talk about seeing the flood coming, how to get ready for it, riding it out, and then the beautiful things the Lord creates when we get to the other side. For this Sunday our focus will be on the first part: seeing the flood coming.

This Sunday: Get More Out of the Bible, Part 3: The New Testament

Sunday 22 October - 9:30am

The New Testament is the last section of the Bible that we haven’t talked about yet in our series about getting more out of the Bible. On Sunday we’ll talk about things like how the New Testament differs from the Old Testament, whether all the books in the New Testament are equally authoritative, why there are four Gospels, etc. It will be fun and I hope it will help you to get more out of reading the New Testament.