Sermon This Sunday: Living in the Present.

Sunday 17 July 9:30am

We know we are supposed to live in the present but not for the present. What does the Lord say about living in the present, and how do we do that in a spiritual way? This talk is a companion to last week’s talk on the breath of life.

Sermon This Sunday: The Breath of Life

Sunday 10 July 9:30am

Are you inspired, or are you just plodding along? Are you relaxed or are you tight and pushing hard to get through the day? We will explore the Lord’s presence in our lives, how we open ourselves to what is good, and reject what is harmful. And, perhaps surprisingly, we will look at how the Lord links a lot of different spiritual ideas to breathing.

Sunday this Sermon: Living in Community

Sunday 3 July, 5pm

Everyone looks for a community of like-minded people, and mourns at the loss of those people when the communities dissolve. We’ll look at some teachings about community, its value, and consider what we can do to deepen the connection with others in the various communities in our lives.

Sermon This Sunday:”Go Up, You Baldhead!”

Sunday 26 June 9:30am

An explanation of one of those “difficult” stories in the Old Testament, showing how even when the story involves punishment for evildoers, the essential message is a positive one about how the Lord is constantly watching over us and protecting us from spiritual harm.

Sermon This Sunday:The New Jerusalem

19 June 2016 9:30am

The Holy City New Jerusalem is one way to picture heaven. In this sermon we will look at some of the main features of the city as it is described in the book of Revelation and use those keys to unlock a clearer picture of the spiritual home that the Lord has built for us.

Sermon This Sunday: The Dragon and the Church

Sunday 12 June 9:30am

Rev Jim Cooper an old Pastor of New Church Westville, and visiting our congregation for the next few weeks is preaching this Sunday.

The Hebrew word for “dragon” is translated in different ways when it is used in different parts of the Old and New Testaments. Sometimes its a “serpent” and in the story of Jonah its a “great fish.” In this sermon we’ll be looking at some of these stories to see the different way the “dragon” tries to interefere with our spiritual growth and the health of the church.

Sermon This Sunday: Debts and Debtors vs. Trespasses

Sunday 5 June 5pm

Have you ever wondered why people in the New Church say the Lord’s prayer a bit differently from a lot of other churches? One of the differences is that we say, “and forgive us our debts as we also forgive our debtors.” Do you know what that means? How are debts different than trespasses? Come find out this Sunday evening.

Sermon this Sunday: Holy Supper and Repentance

Sunday 29 May 9:30am

This Sunday we will have Holy Supper or Communion at the end of the service and we will be talking about the meaning of this sacred practice. We have just finished a sermon series on repentance and so we will be talking particularly about the power that taking the Holy Supper can have in the process of repenting.

Sermon this Sunday: The Steps of Repentance: Step 4 – Begin a New Life

Sunday 22 May 9:30am

For the past 3 weeks we’ve been looking at the steps of repentance, the spiritual process the Lord calls us to go through to reject what is evil and harmful in our lives and begin a new life. This week we come to the final step: actually beginning a new life. Scared? Does it even seem possible to make a real and lasting change in your life? Join us this Sunday to take an honest look at the challenges of beginning a new life and to learn how the Lord makes it possible for us to do this.

Sermon this Sunday: The Steps of Repentance: Step 3 – Pray to the Lord

Sunday 15 May 9:30am

The teachings of the New Church outline 4 steps of repentance. This Sunday we’re digging into the 3rd step: praying to the Lord. Prayer can sometimes feel pointless and ineffectual but that’s why I love the chance to get to think about it and talk about it in the context of repentance because then we can really see it’s importance and power.