Sermon This Sunday: Living Gratefully – Part 4: the Gift of Love

Sunday 28 February 9:30am

God’s goal for each one of us is that we experience genuine love: love for Him and for other people. We know from experience that love that is forced is not really love at all; and so God never compels us to love or believe against our will. Instead, He calls us to follow Him freely, and to compel ourselves. This week, we will talk about how we can follow His example in our interactions with others – how we can resist the urge to control and dominate others, and instead appeal to what they love.

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This Sunday: Living Gratefully – Part 1: The Lord’s Goals

7 February 2016

This Sunday evening we begin our Living Gratefully program. “Living gratefully”–it sounds good but does it feel like something you could do or just like something for really spiritual people? Is it possible to live gratefully in the midst of the mess of a normal person’s life? What does that look like? What difference can it make?

This Sunday: Living Gratefully / Founders Day

31 January 2016

This year, our school theme is Living Gratefully. How do we notice the blessings in our lives and remember to thank the Lord for them? In particular on Founder’s Day, we remember and thank the Lord for all the people who have contributed to Kainon School, and all the ways that Kainon School has been a blessing to the world. And we also ask: what is the best way to demonstrate our thankfulness, to not simply say “thank you,” but to live gratefully?

This Sunday: Gathering in the Lord’s Name

Sermon: 31 January

This Sunday we’re going to think about people gathering together. What different reasons do we gather together for? What changes when we gather together? How can we gather together in the Lord’s name?

This Sunday: You Must Be Born Again

Is it possible to really change? At the beginning of the year, it’s a question we may find ourselves asking. The startling answer from the Lord’s Word: both yes and no. According to the Word, we have two “selves” or “wills” at the same time: a fleshly one, and a spiritual one. The fleshly will…

This Sunday: Seeing Patterns

This Sunday we will be hearing a sermon by Eric Carswell called “Seeing Patterns.” It takes a funny and not very well-known story from the Old Testament and uses it to explore how we can come to see negative patterns in our lives, even when we don’t particularly want to.

This Sunday:The Son of God

Joseph was told that the Child in Mary’s womb had been “conceived of the Holy Spirit”; Mary was told that the Child would be called “the Son of God.” He would also be “Immanuel,” that is, “God with us.” How could He be both the Son of God and God Himself? It can seem like…