Glenn Family Arrival

We are excited to welcome Coleman, Anne and baby Samuel to New Church Westville on Thursday 17 July. Coleman will be taking on the position of Associate Pastor and we wish him and his family many happy years in South Africa.


Begin a New Life: 4 Universal Steps

Our current sermon series is based on a program called “Begin a New Life,” developed by Rev. Mark Pendleton, who introduced the program to the congregation earlier this winter. The program is a universal, faith-based approach to life change that is powerful, deeply effective, and lasting. If you’ve ever had a significant change that you’ve…

Recent Sermon: Other People’s Idolatry

For the past few weeks we’ve been looking at idolatry in ourselves—how we can be tempted to worship idols of various kinds instead of Jesus Christ. This Sunday we’re going to dig into the difficult question of how to respond to other people’s idolatry. How should we treat people who worship other gods than us?…


This Sunday: God with Us in Life

After His resurrection, the Lord appeared to His disciples to teach them about His continuing presence with them. This week we will explore His lessons about how He is with us in everyday life.