Sunday Sermon – Singleness and Marriage

Sunday 5 August - 5pm

Last week Malcolm talked about how we can hold ideals, especially around marriage. Next week he’ll carry on with that theme. But this week, we are going to take a break from talking about marriage and put the focus on the other side: on singleness. Some of you are single yourselves; some of you are recently married; and some of you probably can barely remember what it was like to be single. In any case we will look at what the Lord has to say about this state of life and what even the long-time couples can learn from it.

Sermon This Sunday – Ideals

Sunday 29 July - 9:30am

Ideals are great when we feel like we’re living up to them. But what about when we don’t? What about when we fall short? What about when it’s impossible for us to live up to certain ideals, through no fault of our own? Do we abandon our ideals? Do we change our ideals to fit our circumstances? How does the Lord want us to hold our ideals?

This Sunday – The Spirit of the Law

Sunday 15 July - 9:30am

We all break rules from time to time. We speed. We tell a little lie. We browse Instagram at work when no one is around. We always tell ourselves that it is justified. But then someone else does the same, and our righteous indignation bristles: well if they speed, I can cut them off! They lied, so I can bad mouth them to others! They slack off at work, so I can too! What we fail to see is that we are using the technicality of breaking a rule to justify us harming someone else. The Lord calls us to something greater: to look beyond just the letter of the law and focus on the spirit, and from there to have compassion on those who perhaps don’t stay within bounds as much as we might hope.

This Sunday: Eternal Waters

Sunday 8 July - 9:30am

We all have times when we thirst. We thirst for understanding; for insight; for justice; for knowing how to get through. We thirst for a better life or a better job or a better family. The kind of thirst we’re going to look at this Sunday is the thirst for truth. Now you might not feel like you have a strong thirst for truth. But we all have a thirst for the truth that teaches us how to navigate the challenges of life and that leaves us feeling satisfied; the kind of truth that when it hits you suddenly know everything is going to be ok. If we are willing,  this is the truth that the Lord will feed us with and satisfy our lounging.

This Sunday – “The Blessedness of Forgetting”

Sunday 1 July - 5pm

This Sunday evening will be a lay service, led by Warwick Schuurman. The sermon that I’ve picked for him to read is really good. It’s a sermon by the Rev. Frank Rose about how the Lord carefully looks after our memories and sometimes helps us forget. We tend to think of forgetting things as a bad thing but really it’s such a blessing that the Lord lets us forget things. A better understanding of how the Lord works with our memories gives us another window into seeing just how much and how well He cares for us.

This Sunday: Face to Face with God

Sunday 24 June - 9:30am

If we were to fully comprehend the love of God in a moment, it would be like standing in the sun itself. Its immensity and power would blow us away and consume us. Yet just as the light and warmth of the sun finds its way to our little earth and gives us life, the Lord finds a way to bring His immense love down into our lives. He did, and continues to do this, by showing us His humanity. When we look to God and think of Him as a person, we have an opportunity to connect with that endless, boundless love that is His heart.

This Sunday – Unveiling Our Hearts

Sunday 17 June - 9:30am

When we are proud of ourselves there is nothing that we want more than for other people to know it. When we are ashamed we hide and hope no one notices. But when we hide our evils even from ourselves and the Lord there is no way to be healed of them. The book of Revelation invites us to go through the painful process of exposing our own faults, so that with the Lord we can overcome them.

This Sunday – “How Long, O Lord?”

Sunday 10 June - 9:30am

There are times when the state of things in this world can seem pretty bleak—when things at a national, international, and even local and person level seem pretty bad. Too often it seems like evil and selfishness are winning, despite genuinely good people doing all that they can to try to do what’s right. This Sunday we will reflect on a vision from the book of Revelation that captures this feeling—the vision of souls under the altar crying out to the Lord, “How long, O Lord?”—and we will see what the Lord has to tell us about what to do when it seems like things are really bad and will never get better.

Where Did We Go Wrong?! How We Slide From Good to Bad and What to Do About It..

Sunday 3 June - 5pm

Have you ever found yourself in a bad place and wondered how on earth you got into this mess? Things were once so great! Life was sailing along smoothly and you were proud of how much growth you’d seen in yourself. Yet here you are, back to your crabby, unhappy, selfish self. What went wrong? This pattern is common not just in individuals but in communities and even across history. Luckily, it does not happen by chance. This Sunday we’ll look what Revelation can tell us about this cycle and how we can avoid it.

This Sunday – A Friend in Need

Sunday 27 May - 9:30am

How do you love someone who is committing evil? What about when that person is your best friend? Is it our place to correct him? Do we distance ourselves from him? Jesus, through His teaching and His example, calls us to remain close with those who do evil (which is frankly all of us), and also to have the courage to stand up for them by opposing what they are doing.