We will be practicing social distancing to reduce the spread of coronavirus. (Read a longer explanation of our response to coronavirus here: Response to Coronavirus.) While we’re doing that we will have no in-person worship services or other meetings but we will be offering worship services, Bible Studies, and other ways to connect online. We will be keeping this page updated with the latest schedule for what we’re offering. If there is a positive response to these online offering we may consider continuing to do them even once conditions improve.


Here’s what is coming up next on the schedule. We will be adding more. Check this page for updates.

How to Connect with Zoom

For all online meetings other than worship services we will be using free software called Zoom. To participate you’ll need to install the free software on your computer or phone. Click here to download Zoom onto your computer. Or search in your phone App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (Android) for “ZOOM Cloud Meetings” and install the app on your phone.

You will then need to either click an invitation link for a specific meeting or click “Join” on your Zoom app and then type in the relevant meeting ID. You can find the relevant invitation links and meeting IDs in the schedule above.

Online Worship Services

We are fortunate to have the technology in place to broadcast video of our services to you via the internet. You can watch them as they are happening or you can watch an archive of all the services that we broadcasted in the past. Go to or search for New Church Westville on the Facebook app on your phone. You do not have to have a Facebook account to watch the videos of our services.

We will be experimenting with how best to do these services. Our current thinking is to do a simpler version of the service. We will still open the Word at the beginning, say the Lord’s Prayer together, have a children’s talk, have an adult sermon, and close the Word at the end.

During the countrywide lockdown from 26 March to 16 April we will be streaming the worship services from the pastor’s homes instead of from the church to abide by the mandate to stay home.

At this point we are not thinking of having any singing as part of the service. We encourage you to sing a few songs with your family at home before or after the service. If you’d like music to sing along to at home, watch one our archived past full services that includes music, or see below for information about how to find other New Church live-streamed services, some of which will include music. Let me know if you have any thoughts about this, before or after you’ve “attended” a service online (

If possible, I would encourage you to try to “attend” the Sunday services as they’re happening. We still need to be keeping the Sabbath during this difficult time. And I think you’ll find that the experience of watching the service on your computer or phone is better when it’s happening live (instead of just watching the recording afterward) because of the feeling of immediacy and also because it can give you a feeling of connection to the other people also worshipping together with you at the same time in their homes.

Other Online Resources

There is a wealth of New Church resources online these days.

  • Find other New Church live-streamed worship services from around the world.
  • OfftheLeftEye YouTube Channel – Check out this great YouTube channel from the Swedenborg Foundation. (Just click that link on your computer or phone and see what happens.) They have hours and hours of high quality videos about topics from a New Church perspective. A good alternative to just watching more depressing TV news.
  • New Church Vineyard This is a great collection of New Church resources for children, families, and adults—colouring pages, songs, projects, articles, etc.

Is There Anything Else We Can Do to Support You?

Obviously there are limitations to what we can do but please let us know if there’s something that the church staff or the church community at large could do to support you, your loved ones, or other people negatively affected by this difficult situation facing the world. If you’ve got an idea, send me an email (

“Trust in the Lord, and do good” (Psalm 37:3).

– Malcolm, Pastor