Presentation: How to Talk to Your Children About Sex

Friday, 11 October - 8-9:30am

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How to Talk to Your Children About Sex

[We’re offering this presentation again in a morning time slot, by popular demand.]


This Malcolm Smith, pastor at New Church Westville.

It can be hard to figure out how to talk to our children about sex and so we tend avoid it. But it’s really important that we can talk to our children about something as important as sex and that they can talk to us. So, when I found some really useful materials on this topic a couple of years ago, I wanted to share them with other people and I’ve been doing that for a number of years, primarily with our church and school community, in a talk called “How to Talk to Your Children About Sex”. I give a bit of introduction at the beginning. I push play on a DVD. And then we have some time for questions and discussion at the end.

This year I want to extend the invitation beyond our immediate church and school audience because more people need this information and support. This talk is useful for parents of children of any age but it’s really aimed at parents of little children. If you have children of whatever age and have not yet talked to them about sex, this talk is for you.

The talk will be on Friday, 11 October – 8-9:30am in the Kainon School hall (36 Perth Road, Westville 3629). Everyone is welcome and there’s no cost to attend, so please come and invite any friends that you think might be interested.

Contact me at if you have any questions.


“Don’t expect a how to have the ‘Birds and the bees’ talk. Expect an introduction into getting your mind prepared for an ongoing discussion with your child. Helps you to think about what you want to say when the questions start, so you are prepared and not caught unaware. Highly recommend the talk that Malcolm Smith presents.” – Past Participant

“We attended Malcolm’s talk last year on Talking to your children about Sex. It was interesting to have a practical and humorous view on how to deal with these sorts of questions whilst keeping it in line with Christian morals and values.” – Past Participant

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