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Recent Sermon Recordings

Intentions matter more than actions. In other words, someone who is good hearted but makes mistakes is better off than someone who is malicious even while doing the right thing. Yet even the most well-intentioned person can cause harm. Their good intentions do not negate the damage they can cause in ignorance. Rather than justifying ourselves or others by saying, andldquo;they meant well,andrdquo; we must find ways of addressing the harm and correcting it, even as we support and acknowledge the good intentions lying behind it.

Sun, Nov 10, 2019
Source: New Church Westville Podcast

Why do we work on our spiritual lives? Why do we work to be more kind, more thoughtful, more generous? Is it for ourselves, other people, or the Lord? This week we will be looking at how our motivations effect our happiness, moving us toward jealousy and anger or toward joy and contentedness. How do we get from being reward focused to truly labouring from the Lord?

Sun, Nov 03, 2019
Source: New Church Westville Podcast

Again and again, the Bible stresses the importance of praising the Lord, but why? We praise other people to let them know we love and appreciate them, but the Lord knows every part of us. He knows how we feel before we could think to say it. What then, is the purpose of praising Him? Who is it for? This Sunday, join us as we examine the use of praising the Lord, and what that praise can look like.

Sun, Oct 27, 2019
Source: New Church Westville Podcast

It’s very easy to buy into the idea that if we just work hard enough we can make sure that things work out the way we want them to. But then sometimes the things that we put hours and hours of effort and energy into building still fall to pieces. And then it feels like it’s not worth working on anything. But the Lord can help us to find a healthier motivation to keep on working hard, while also leaving the outcomes to Him. This sermon is based on a chapel talk by Thane Glenn.

Sun, Oct 20, 2019
Source: New Church Westville Podcast

This Sunday we will talk about having unity in worship. The General Church has congregations all around the world, with people of various cultures and backgrounds. How do we remain unified in a way that makes us all feel part of the same Church, and how can we come together in worship and be lifted up by the Lord? In contrast, what are the things that cause us to feel at odds with each other, and feel that we are not all part of the same Church? As always, the Lord has the answers for us!

Sun, Oct 13, 2019
Source: New Church Westville Podcast