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Recent Sermon Recordings

What does it feel like to have your freedom taken away? We all crave freedom. We all want to be able to act with no restrictions. But freedom isn’t actually about being allowed to do anything and everything; it is about being allowed to do the things that you love. Regardless of what other restrictions may be imposed on us, if we can find what we love, and find a way to act on it, then we will be truly free.

Sun, Aug 07, 2022
Source: New Church Westville Podcast

At the Last Supper, having shared bread and wine with His disciples, the Lord commanded, “Do this in remembrance of Me.” Holy Supper is an opportunity to remember the Lord: to remember what He did for us in giving His life; to remember the Divine Love that He shares with us; to remember the Divine Wisdom that inspires us. But remembering the Lord is not just a matter of thought; it is a matter of doing what He commands us. The best way to “remember” the Lord is to actively follow His teachings.

Sun, Jul 31, 2022
Source: New Church Westville Podcast

When Moses ascended Mt. Sinai to receive the Ten Commandments, the Children of Israel were left to wonder what had become of him. As the days dragged into weeks, they lost trust in both him and the Lord, and so turned to worship a golden idol. When we feel abandoned by the Lord, with no sense of His deep presence, we also turn to our own idols, idols of pleasure or comfort. This Sunday we’ll look at how to notice this tendency in ourselves and push to reconnect with the Lord when He seems absent.

Sun, Jul 24, 2022
Source: New Church Westville Podcast

When you were born you knew nothing about the world and how it worked; nor did you know anything about the Lord or spiritual life. These were things that had to be taught to you, from a young age, both through education and through the examples set by the people around you. As you matured your faith became your own. No longer did you have to rely on others: you could enter into an adult relationship with the Lord and an adult understanding of spiritual life. Yet as simple as that sounds, we can all stand to reflect on how much of our faith is really our own, and how much work still needs to be done to move past what we were taught and live our faith for ourselves.

Sun, Jul 17, 2022
Source: New Church Westville Podcast

What is the Lord’s? In a broad sense all things are the Lord’s: He created and sustains everything in the universe. Yet we also feel as if we are our own masters. There is an innate sense that what goes on in our minds and hearts is ours and ours alone. Yet even here all that is good and true belongs to the Lord. Miraculously, when we acknowledge that truth and live it, we can actually feel more, not less, ourselves.

Sun, Jul 10, 2022
Source: New Church Westville Podcast