This Sunday – Comings and Goings

Sunday 28 June - 9:30am

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Psalm 121 speaks of the Lord protecting your going out and your coming in. This speaks to times of transition, times in which it is especially crucial that we remain in the Lord’s care. A prominent example is the Children of Israel coming out of slavery in Egypt and going in to possess the Promised Land. But this story also illustrates the struggle of times of transition: between coming out of Egypt and going into the Land there was forty years of wandering the wilderness. As much as we would like to directly leave hardship and enter good times, more often than not there is an intermediate stage of trial and growth that the Lord must lead us through.

This service will be streamed on Facebook. Go to where there will be a live video from about 30 minutes before the service is scheduled to start.

  • Song Lyrics
    About 10 minutes before the service starts (9:20) we will have some songs that you can sing along with at home. You can download the lyrics to the songs here.
  • Readings
    The readings for the service can be found here.
  • Text Sermon
    A PDF of the text version of the sermon can be found here.
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