This Sunday: “Teach us to number our days….”

Sunday 5 January - 5pm

It’s a new decade (or not, depending on how you think about it) and it’s a time when a lot of people are thinking about time and all that’s happened in the past decade or two. People are also looking to the future and wondering what will happen in the 2020s. With these thoughts on our minds it seemed like it be useful, this Sunday evening, to reflect on Psalm 90 where it says, “teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.”

This Sunday:Tableaux Service

Sunday 8 December - 6:30pm

Experience the Christmas story with your whole family by watching people make living pictures of the scenes from the Christmas story while the text from the Bible is read. There will be no worship service in the morning.

This Sunday:  We Might Not Want the Lord to Come, But We Need Him To

Sunday 1 December - 5pm

As we approach Christmas we often talk about the Lord coming into the world and Him coming into our lives in a new way. At this Sunday’s evening service we will be talking about prophecies from Malachi about the Lord’s coming and why we might not actually want the Lord to come into our lives. That might sound strange but some of the prophecies about the Lord’s coming do not sound very pleasant. But we actually do need to go through those unpleasant things to really be ready for the Lord to come into our lives in a new way. 

This Sunday: Halfway There

Sunday 24 November - 9:30am

When Saul was commanded to destroy all the Amalekites and all their possessions, he only half obeyed: he destroyed all the worthless possessions, but kept the precious things, and spared the king. Yet he still claimed that he had obeyed the Lord. How often do we only follow the Lord halfway, but claim that we have done everything He asks? And how do we come to a place of wholeheartedly separating ourselves even from the evils that we really love and are attached to?

This Sunday: Invitation

Sunday 17 November - 9:30am

As a church we are focusing on invitation for the next couple of months. As we work on invitation I want our thinking and our actions to be informed by what the Lord teaches about it. And when you look for it, you can find teachings and stories about invitation and even direct invitations from the Lord throughout the His Word. Let’s learn from the Lord about how to invite.

This Sunday – Unintended Consequences

Sunday 10 November - 9:30am

Intentions matter more than actions. In other words, someone who is good hearted but makes mistakes is better off than someone who is malicious even while doing the right thing. Yet even the most well-intentioned person can cause harm. Their good intentions do not negate the damage they can cause in ignorance. Rather than justifying ourselves or others by saying, “they meant well,” we must find ways of addressing the harm and correcting it, even as we support and acknowledge the good intentions lying behind it.

This Sunday: Praise the Lord

Sunday 27 November - 9:30am

Again and again, the Bible stresses the importance of praising the Lord, but why? We praise other people to let them know we love and appreciate them, but the Lord knows every part of us. He knows how we feel before we could think to say it. What then, is the purpose of praising Him? Who is it for? This Sunday, join us as we examine the use of praising the Lord, and what that praise can look like.

This Sunday: “Unless the Lord Builds the House….”

Sunday 20 October - 9:30am

It’s very easy to buy into the idea that if we just work hard enough we can make sure that things work out the way we want them to. But then sometimes the things that we put hours and hours of effort and energy into building still fall to pieces. And then it feels like it’s not worth working on anything. But the Lord can help us to find a healthier motivation to keep on working hard, while also leaving the outcomes to Him.

This Sunday: Unity in Worship

Sunday 13 October - 9:30am

This Sunday we will talk about having unity in worship.  The General Church has congregations all around the world, with people of various cultures and backgrounds.  How do we remain unified in a way that makes us all feel part of the same Church, and how can we come together in worship and be lifted up by the Lord?  In contrast, what are the things that cause us to feel at odds with each other, and feel that we are not all part of the same Church?  As always, the Lord has the answers for us!

This Sunday – Embracing Weakness

Sunday 6 October - 5pm

If someone called you weak, you would take it as an insult. But what about when the Lord calls you weak? Because He most certainly does: compared to Him, we are utterly powerless. And yet far from being insulted, if we embrace our own weakness, we can let down the burdens of perfection and self-reliance, and receive from the Lord a greater power than we could ever muster on our own. We may be utterly helpless, but the greatest force in the universe is on our side.