This Sunday: Life is Hard, Part 2: What Do We Do?

Sunday 29 September - 9:30am

A few weeks ago we talked about how to cope with how hard life in this world is. This Sunday we’re going to focus on the question of what to do about it. What actions should we take in response to hard and terrible things that happen? It’s easy to feel quite powerless in the face of tragedies or huge problems. Can we make a difference? What do we do if our best efforts seem to accomplish nothing? Life is hard; what do we do?

Presentation: How to Talk to Your Children About Sex

Friday, 11 October - 8-9:30am

It can be hard to figure out how to talk to our children about sex and so we tend to avoid it. But it’s really important that we can talk to our children about something as important as sex and that they can talk to us. Read more…

[We’re offering this presentation again in a morning time slot, by popular demand.]

This Sunday: When Moses is Gone Too Long

Sunday 22 September - 9:30am

Imagine that you are in this beautiful world, but there is a canvas sheet a few feet above your head.  You can go on living, but a lot is lost.  This describes a condition with good people who are trying to go to heaven. But there is a danger.  The story of the golden calf the people made when Moses was up on the mountain for too long tells of a danger of earthly life and how we combat it.

This Sunday: Innocence is Bliss

Sunday 15 September - 9:30am

There is a certain magic in holding a little baby. Their innocence brings a sense of contented peace. But what does it mean to be innocent really? It doesn’t mean being naive. It doesn’t mean being ignorant. But it doesn’t mean being perfect either. Can we keep our innocence as we grow? Should we? This Sunday we’ll explore what Jesus Christ tells us about innocence and what we need to do to live a life led by the Lord.

Life is Hard: Part 1, How Do We Cope?

Sunday 8 September - 9:30pm

There are a lot of hard aspects of life in this natural world—in our personal lives and also in the world around us. What do we do with it all? How do we cope? Is it better to try to ignore the hard stuff? If we don’t ignore the hard stuff, how do we keep from being flattened by it? This Sunday we’re going to try to learn from He who has “borne our griefs and carried our sorrows,” about how we can cope with life in this hard world.

Good News, Fresh from Heaven, Part 2: Seen, Heard, and Felt

Sunday 1 September - 5pm

This week we continue to explore the Teachings of the New Church and what they can mean for us. One of the more unusual aspects of these works is the descriptions of conversations with spirits and angels and the surroundings in which they took place. Swedenborg did not just share ideas, but also the things that the Lord allowed him to see, hear, and feel. Although unusual, what can these experiences teach us about heavenly life that mere ideas could not?

Free Presentation: Kids, Screens, and Healthy Boundaries

Friday, 1 November - 8-9:30am

Join us at Kainon School Hall for a presentation by Chaplain Joel Glenn designed to bring you up to speed on the facts about kids and screens, help you find core principles to work from, and arm you with tools and resources. Learn more… [We’re offering this presentation again in a morning slot, by popular demand.]

This Sunday: A New Name

Sunday 25 August - 9:30am

We get to witness two baptisms as part of the service this Sunday. When someone gets baptised we talk about them being baptised in the Lord’s name. There’s a lot that’s contained in that simple idea. This Sunday we’ll talk about what it means to take on the name of being a Christian and how we can find a new sense of identity in the Lord.

Good News, Fresh from Heaven

Sunday 18 August - 9:30am

People are often intimidated to try reading Emanuel Swedenborg’s books. He wrote a lot of books and they get into some pretty deep and complex topics. And yet in his own words, these books are “the coming of the Lord.” So how do we approach these books in a way that moves beyond philosophy and enters into a real, living relationship with the Lord?

What Does it Take to Make Good Decisions in the Moment?

Sunday 11 August - 9:30am

There’s a lot about life that is beyond our control and so it’s easy to feel like life is just happening to us and we are being dragged along for the ride. Despite that we do still have choices to make–big ones and little, day-to-day ones. How do we make good choices? What things do we need to have in place in our lives to give us the best chance of making good decisions in the midst of our busy, stressful, or just overwhelming lives?