Good News, Fresh from Heaven, Part 2: Seen, Heard, and Felt

Sunday 1 September - 5pm

This week we continue to explore the Teachings of the New Church and what they can mean for us. One of the more unusual aspects of these works is the descriptions of conversations with spirits and angels and the surroundings in which they took place. Swedenborg did not just share ideas, but also the things that the Lord allowed him to see, hear, and feel. Although unusual, what can these experiences teach us about heavenly life that mere ideas could not?

Free Presentation: Kids, Screens, and Healthy Boundaries

Friday, 1 November - 8-9:30am

Join us at Kainon School Hall for a presentation by Chaplain Joel Glenn designed to bring you up to speed on the facts about kids and screens, help you find core principles to work from, and arm you with tools and resources. Learn more… [We’re offering this presentation again in a morning slot, by popular demand.]

This Sunday: A New Name

Sunday 25 August - 9:30am

We get to witness two baptisms as part of the service this Sunday. When someone gets baptised we talk about them being baptised in the Lord’s name. There’s a lot that’s contained in that simple idea. This Sunday we’ll talk about what it means to take on the name of being a Christian and how we can find a new sense of identity in the Lord.

Good News, Fresh from Heaven

Sunday 18 August - 9:30am

People are often intimidated to try reading Emanuel Swedenborg’s books. He wrote a lot of books and they get into some pretty deep and complex topics. And yet in his own words, these books are “the coming of the Lord.” So how do we approach these books in a way that moves beyond philosophy and enters into a real, living relationship with the Lord?

What Does it Take to Make Good Decisions in the Moment?

Sunday 11 August - 9:30am

There’s a lot about life that is beyond our control and so it’s easy to feel like life is just happening to us and we are being dragged along for the ride. Despite that we do still have choices to make–big ones and little, day-to-day ones. How do we make good choices? What things do we need to have in place in our lives to give us the best chance of making good decisions in the midst of our busy, stressful, or just overwhelming lives?

Samuel, Part 3: Less than Ideal but Better than Nothing

Sunday 4 Aug - 5:00pm

Towards the end of Samuel’s life the Children of Israel began demanding a king. They wanted someone in charge who could defend them from their enemies, and besides, all the neighbouring tribes got to have their own king. God had two responses to their demand:
1 – Don’t do it
2 – If you do, here’s how you need to do it
Even though God knew that having a king was less than ideal, He was also willing to work with their demands and show them a way of doing it that would be successful. Likewise, when we balk at the Lord and demand to be able to do spirituality our own way, God is willing to compromise, provided we remain within a certain framework of truth. This Sunday we’ll talk about that less then ideal but still workable way of following the Lord.

Samuel, Part 2: Beyond Skin-Deep Spirituality

Sunday 28 July - 9:30am

What makes someone spiritual? Is it how they talk and what they say? Is it the rituals they take part in or the practices they have developed? Is it how they treat other people? All of these things do go into a person’s spirituality, but what really makes a person spiritual does deeper, to what is going on in the heart. The Children of Israel’s superficial treatment of the Ark of God, and their subsequent defeat, has a lot to teach us about the need to go deeper than just going through the motions and to take what God says to heart.

Samuel, Part 1: Hearing the Lord’s Call

Sunday 21 July - 9:30am

This Sunday we’re starting a series on the story of Samuel. As an adult, Samuel becomes a pivotal figure in the history of the Children of Israel but his story begins in his childhood. The Lord calls out to him and at first he doesn’t know that it’s the Lord. We too can struggle to distinguish the Lord’s call in our lives from a lot of other inputs. With Samuel we can learn what it takes to recognise the Lord’s call and what sort of messages the Lord has for us.

This Sunday: Heavenly Imbalance

Sunday, 14 July -- 9:30am

“Everything in moderation” seems like a sound rule for life. After all, anything, even something good, can become harmful when taken to an extreme. Yet this common-sense truth finds surprisingly little support in the Lord’s Word. As just one example, Jesus says, “no one can serve two masters” (Matthew 6:24). There is no moderation or balancer here: rather pick a side and wholeheartedly follow it! This Sunday we will look at how a blind devotion to moderation can be harmful and why thinking in terms of prioritisation is a more heavenly outlook.