This Sunday: Why Heaven and Hell are Relevant Today, Part 1: Heaven

Sunday, 16 July 2017 - 9:30am

Heaven and hell can seem like fuzzy, distant, old-fashioned ideas—something from a different era, like fairytales with heroes and monsters. A lot of people today aren’t sure that heaven and hell even exist and those that do think they exist often think of them as something that will only be relevant later in life, when they’re getting ready to die. The New Church perspective is that heaven and hell are realities that we deal with every day and that what we believe about them can have a profound impact on our lives. Come hear the New Church perspective on heaven this Sunday.

This Sunday: Expanding Our View of Forgiveness

This Sunday - 9:30am

How far does forgiveness extend? At what point do we withhold forgiveness? The Lord pushes us to expand our forgiveness to include even those we think are least deserving. We see this expansive forgiveness in the tale of the prophet Jonah: the contrast between his resentment and God’s forgiveness teaches us a lesson in just how far God wants us to take forgiveness.

This Sunday: The Power of Parables

Sunday 25 June - 9:30am

Why does the Lord’s Word contain so many stories and stories that are often confusing to understand? It can seem like it would have been better for the Lord to just explain things in simple, clear language. But there are good reasons why the Lord chose to use stories instead. This Sunday we will have a lay service and Lance Mansfield will be reading a sermon by the Rev. Jeremy Simons titled, “The Power of Parables” that explores some of the reasons why the Lord communicates to us in stories.

Sunday Sermon: An Open Invitation, Part 4: An Open Door

Sunday 18 June - 9:30am

This Sunday we conclude our series on the letters to the seven churches. We have explored how each church stands for some quality that the Lord wants us to work on so that we can enter His kingdom. The last two churches are Philadelphia and Laodicea, which stand for the best and worst of humanity. In both cases the Lord uses the imagery of a door: for the first, an open door that no one can shut; for the second, a closed door that He is eager to enter through. The lesson for us is that no matter where we are spiritually, the Lord is putting before us a path that leads to heaven.

This Sunday: An Open Invitation, Part 3: Empty Words and Empty Worship

Over the past couple of weeks we have been looking at the letters to the seven churches in the Book of Revelation. Each one describes a group of people that the Lord wants to bring into His church. This week we will look at Thyatira and Sardis. Thyatira represents us when we find excuses to not live our faith. Sardis represents us when we act spiritual but don’t back it up with actual charity. In both cases the Lord offers a way out for us so that we can become part of His kingdom.

This Sunday: An Open Invitation, Part 2: The Misled and the Willfully Ignorant

Sunday 4 June - 5pm

The letters to the seven churches in the book of Revelation reveal seven different kinds of people that the Lord calls to be part of His church—their good qualities and their potentially fatal flaws. This Sunday evening, in Part 2 of this series, we’re talking about people who do good things but lack a true understanding, either because they’re stuck in false thinking or because they can’t be bothered to think about what’s true. Come see what the Lord has to say to people like this.

An Open Invitation, Part 1: Goodness vs. Rightness

Sunday 28 May - 9:30am

What does it take to be part of the New Church? Being part of the New Church takes many forms but at heart it is all about looking to the Lord and repenting of evils. As we approach the celebration of the New Church’s birth in June, we will explore how we look to the Lord and repent, and so become part of His Church. Specifically we will explore the letters to the seven churches, each of which reveals some new quality of the Lord and some new evil that we can work on. This Sunday we will look at the letter to the Church in Ephesus, which urges those who put great weight in being right to focus more on doing good.

Sunday Sermon: Celebrating Harvest and Gratitude

21 May - 9:30am

“O give thanks unto the Lord for He is good for His mercy is forever.”
This Sunday the topic for the service will the harvest and gratitude. To celebrate this important topic we are inviting all children to bring fruit and vegetables up to the altar at the beginning of the service. All food collected will be donated to The White House Community Care Centre, which is our current outreach focus. Any non-perishable items will also be gratefully received.

Sunday Sermon: Finding Jesus in the Life of Abraham, Part 3: Belief

Sunday 14 May - 9:30am

This Sunday we continue with our exploration of the Abraham story and how every detail speaks directly to the heart and mind of Jesus Christ. As our final entry in the series we will look at the near sacrifice of Abraham’s son Isaac. While horrendous on the surface, the deeper meaning reveals the trauma that Jesus faced as He fought to embody Divine Love in everything that He did.

This Sunday: Finding Jesus in the Life of Abraham, Part 2: Bargaining

Sunday, 7 May — 5pm

This Sunday evening we’ll be exploring a difficult story—the story of Abraham bargaining with God and asking Him if He will still destroy Sodom and Gomorrah if even just a few good people are there. The teachings of the New Church say that, in this strange and somewhat disturbing story, we can actually find a glimpse into the heart and mind of Jesus Christ when He was in this world and gain a better understanding of His incredible love for people who are trapped in evil.