Sermon this Sunday: Sins of Omission

Sunday 23 October - 9:30am

This Sunday the Executive Bishop of our church, Brian Keith, will be preaching. His topic is sins of omission. Are we responsible for things that we have not done? Come and find out.

Sermon this Sunday: Where is the Love?

Sunday 16 October - 9:30am

Why can’t we just choose to love what’s good and attain it without having to battle for it? The internal sense of the story of the older son in the Prodigal Son story gives the answer, and gives us serious encouragement.

Sermon this Sunday: The Covenant Restored

Sunday 9 October - 9:30am

When we break trust, with the Lord or with others, how can it be restored? When someone breaks trust with us, how can we work with him or her to rebuild it?

This sermon is written and will be delivered by the Rt Rev Peter Buss Snr, who is visiting from the USA.

Sermon this Sunday: What’s the point of me?

Sunday 2 October - 5pm

Last Sunday we talked about the purpose of life in this world and got into ideas about heaven and working to bring heaven to earth. This week it gets more personal—and potentially more difficult. Yes, we’re supposed to be useful and bringing heaven to earth but what does that mean about what a person does on a Monday morning?

What if a person hates their job or is just entirely uninspired about doing their job? Should they quit or stick it out? What if a person knows what they want to do but can’t due to bad health, injury, old age, or any number of other factors? How can the Lord help each of us to answer the question, “What’s the point of me?”

Sermon this Sunday: What’s the point?

Sunday 25 September - 9:30am

Sometimes, in the midst of all the busyness, bizarreness, and belly-punches that life in this world can involve, we need to take a step back and ask what’s the point? Why are we here? What are we spending all this time and energy for?

The Lord can help us with this—if we’re willing to take the time to listen.

This will be a two-part series. This week: what’s the point of life in this world? Next week: what’s the point of me?

Sermon this Sunday: Baptism and Holy Supper

Sunday, 18 September - 9:30am

This Sunday we have the privilege of witnessing an infant baptism. And so, in the sermon, we’re going to be talking about baptism and Holy Supper. Here’s a passage to get you thinking about the topic. Have you ever had thoughts along these lines?

If the spiritual meaning of the Word had not been disclosed,… [people] might mutter and say to themselves, “What is baptism but pouring water on a baby’s head? What does that do for the baby’s salvation? What is the Holy Supper but taking bread and wine? What does that do for our salvation? For that matter, what is holy about these rituals, other than the fact that the ecclesiastical hierarchy has traditionally accepted them as sacred and divine and has commanded us to observe them? Although the churches claim that when the Word of God is brought near the elements they become sacred, these rituals are essentially just ceremonial.” … Yet from the point of view of their spiritual meaning, these two sacraments are the holiest acts of worship. (True Christianity §667)

When we understand the significance of baptism and Holy Supper they can become a very meaningful part of our spiritual lives, rather than just arbitrary seeming rituals.

Email me or SMS me if you have questions about baptism or Holy Supper that you’d like answered or if you’re interested in getting baptised or taking Holy Supper for the first time (, 084 513 6727).

– Malcolm, Pastor

Sermon this Sunday: Friendship in Marriage

Sunday 4 September 5pm

Try to explain why you love someone. You can’t. Love is a gift from God. Try to explain why you are friends with someone. That’s easy. We will explore how the Lord says that friendship allows Him to grant us true love.

Sermon: Why did the Lord Let it Happen

Sunday 28 August 9:30am

When sadness or tragedy strikes we can’t help asking, “Why did this happen?” We will explore why the Lord needs to allow unhappiness, and what He does afterwards to help us and restore us.