Free Presentation: Kids, Screens, and Healthy Boundaries

Friday, 1 November - 8-9:30am

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[We’re offering this presentation again in a morning slot, by popular demand.]

We are inundated with screens. One recent study suggests that South Africans spend, on average, over 8 hours a day in front of a screen. The amount of time that children in particular spend on screens is concerning, given that excess screen time has been linked with rising rates of depression and anxiety. On top of just the time spent there is also the vast amount of negative content easily accessible online. In the face of this challenge parents can feel overwhelmed. But there is hope! There are steps that parents can take to help their children safely engage with today’s technology. 

Join us on Friday, 1 November from 8 – 9:30am at Kainon School Hall for a presentation by Chaplain Joel Glenn. This presentation is designed to bring you up to speed on the facts, help you find core principles to work from, and arm you with tools and resources.

This talk will be useful for parents of children of any age, but those with older kids might find it particularly valuable. Everyone is welcome and there is no cost to attend, so please come and invite any friends who might be interested!

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