This Sunday: Education, Part 3 – Learning the Lord’s Way

Sunday, 25 April - 9:30am

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So far we have seen why education is a necessary part of life and how education is really an opening up of a path to the Lord. This Sunday we will look at some of the ways that we do the actual practice of learning and teaching. For learning to be useful we have to make sure we are taking account of all that the Lord says about our minds and how they grow.

The service will be broadcast live at You can also watch the service later at that same link.

  • Song Lyrics
    We will have three songs during the service that you can sing along with at home. You can download the lyrics to the songs here.
  • Readings
    The readings for the service can be found here.
  • Text Sermon
    A PDF of the text version of the sermon can be found here.

If you are planning on attending in person you must fill out the Health Screening Questionnaire each time you are attending on the Sunday morning before the service.

You must also read the full explanation of the rules.

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