This Sunday: OK and Not Ok

Sunday, 16 January - 9:30am

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Last week Joel preached about admitting you were wrong and it got me thinking about how important the time after we’ve done something is. How we think about what we’ve done—whether it was good or bad—really matters. When we’ve done something wrong, do we acknowledge it or try to justify it? When we’ve done something good, what do we think about the action or ourselves afterward? Each day we’re going to do a whole bunch of different things and likely some of those things will be somewhat good and some will be somewhat selfish. We need the Lord’s help to sort out what in all of that is OK and what is not OK.

The service will be broadcast live at You can also watch the service later at that same link.

  • Song Lyrics
    We will have four songs during the service that you can sing along with at home. You can download the lyrics to the songs here.
  • Readings
    The readings for the service can be found here.
  • Sermon
    The written version of the sermon can be found here.
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