This Sunday: What Is the New Church? Part 2, Being Different

Sunday 13 June – 9:30am

In talking about what the New Church is we could focus on how the New Church is different from other churches but this Sunday I’m more interested in talking about how we hold those differences. Are we meant to be trying to be different? Do we feel embarrassed to be different or maybe superior? Let’s work to have the Lord guide our thinking about being different.

Upcoming Bible Study Times

Here are the upcoming dates and topics for Bible Study:

The Acts of the Apostles – Part 1

  • Fri, 4 June – 6:45am – Men’s Bible Study (In-Person Only)
  • Fri, 4 May – 10:30am – Men & Women’s Bible Study (In-Person Only)

The online meetings will all use same link and Meeting ID – https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84548504802 Meeting ID: 845 4850 4802.